Why use Quikset ® instead of the old-fashioned concrete?

here’s a real-life example for you to compare.

Traditional method using concrete


More than 85Kg

86 Kg of concrete is needed for installation of a single fence post.


A lot of concrete bags

2,870 kg – is how much concrete is needed to fence 1,000 m2 of land = 115 bags of ready concrete mix.


A lot of hole digging and soil removing

2,200 Kg – is how much soil you will need to remove after digging the holes for the posts. This amounts to approx. 40 full wheelbarrows.


Sevel days

a complex fencing system cannot be installed in one day and another visit to the customer will be necessary.

* hole 25 cm x 25 cm x 60 cm

The modern method using Quikset


✔ Less than 1Kg

0.9 kg – is how much one packet of QUIKSET’ weighs, which is enough for installation of one post.


✔ Less Material

40 Kg – is how much QUIKSET’ material is needed to install fencing around 1,000 m2 of land.


✔ Easy Logistics

5 – just that number of wheelbarrows needs to be removed after construction of the fence or the soil can be used around the posts.


✔ 1 Day Only!

1 day – is how much time two workers need to install the entire fence.


* hole Ø 5 cm x 60 cm

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