How to use Quikset® instead of concrete?

It’s light, fast and easy.

Step One: Drill Hole

Drill hole of a specified diameter [look in the table in Technical Data Sheet or on label of product].

The diameter of the hole should be adjusted to the thickness of the installed pole

Ideal hole diameter is between 15-25 cm

Step Two: Level Up

The pole the correct position firmly enough so that it isn’t moved during the QUIKSET growing and curing process.

Put the safety gloves on

Step Three: Remove Clip

With one quick motion by pulling the ends of the bag aside.

Step Four: Mix

The two components by pulling the bag back and forth against a blunt edge ie. a pole. The mixing process should take around 20 seconds.

WARNING! Do not mix for longer than 30 seconds, as this may result in the bag bursting and the content being
released uncontrollably at a high pressure. This can be harmful

Step Five: Tear / Cut

Tear or cut off where indicated.

Step Six: Pour

Pour all of the contents into the hole carefully on each side of the pole.

Step Seven: Wait

For the next 3-5 minutes keeping the pole still as QUIKSET expands.

After another 1-2 minutes the pole stabilizing elements can be removed.

QUIKSET should grow at least 10cm below ground level

Step Eight: Cut Clean

If grows over ground level, after only 15-30 minutes QUIKSET will be hard enough to cut the excess off with a shovel or a knife

Step Nine: Cover

Cover the area with soil or sand to protect it from direct sun.

Step Ten: Load

Full strength after 90 minutes.

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